Vehicles Being Broken Into in the City

Posted on January 22, 2015 · Posted in Uncategorized

The New Castle City Police Department is investigating a series of thefts from motor vehicles which have been an ongoing problem in the area.

The NCPD would request anyone who has their vehicle broken into to please contact the Police Department (724) 656-9300 to file a report and assist us in the tracking the thefts. Anyone with Information is also urged to contact our tip line at

With a few exceptions, the actor(s) have been entering into unlocked vehicles.

The New Castle City Police Department would like to offer these tips to minimize your change of being a victim:


  1. Lock Your Doors! Not all thieves go around with a hammer to smash open windows or a lock pick, because those take time, make noise, and make them appear suspicious. It takes almost no time to lift your door handle, find it unlocked and take your valuables.


  1. 2. Close Your Windows and Sunroofs! Just as if you left your door unlocked, leaving your windows open is an invitation to thieves to just reach in and take your property.


  1. 3. Don’t Leave Valuables in the Vehicle! Take your valuables into your house at night, so even if a thief breaks into your vehicle, they won’t get anything of great value.


  1. Don’t Leave Valuables in the Vehicle Visible! If you have to leave valuables in your car, such as when you are out shopping, ensure that they can not be seen. Lock them in a trunk, or get a retractable cover if you have a van or SUV.


  1. Activate Alarms! Thieves don’t want to get caught, and the noise from an alarm will generally scare them off. If you hear your alarm go off, or a neighbor’s car alarm go off, call the Police.


  1. Hide Accessories! Taking inside or stashing your valuables but leaving their accessories out could still entice thieves to break into your car to find the valuables. Unplug and stash any cords, plug ins, and suction mounts.


  1. Keep Your Vehicle Visible! Park in well-lit areas, avoid being obscured by other vehicles, fences, foliage, in an alley, ect… Thieves like to work in secret.


  1. Report Suspicious Activity! If you see someone you don’t know walking through the yards in your neighborhood up by vehicles, call the Police. If you see people walking or running around in the middle of the night with a bag, call the Police. Don’t wait 30 minutes to call, call as soon as you can, and give the dispatcher as good a description as you can along with a direction they were last seen travelling.