Police Youth Groups.

In June of 2012 the New Castle Police Department in cooperation with the YMCA and Juvenile Probation, implemented a new Youth program.  The program is called:  New Castle Police Department PLAY program:





The program is designed to promote trust and understanding between young people and police officers. The program is based on the thought that young people—if they are reached early enough—can develop strong, positive attitudes toward police officers and the law.

The PLAY program has sponsored Lock-In’s at the YMCA, carnivals at George Washington School and basketball tournaments.   The program hopes to grow with to formation of street hockey leagues, basketball leagues, Archery in the schools and numerous other activities are planned.

If you have any ideas for the PLAY program or would like to volunteer your time with establishing a program for the children please contact NCPD Officer John George or NCPD Officer Justin Crum at 724-656-3570.