Neighborhood Watch Programs.

The New Castle City Police Department supports and works with several Neighborhood Watch programs in the community.

The program involves volunteer residents who organize their group, which can involve training, watch schedules and other functions.    Members of the Neighborhood Watch groups discuss the problems their communities have, such as burglaries or drug distribution. Although citizens are not advised to confront possible law breakers, they can let police know when and where suspicious activity is taking place.

The National Sheriffs’ Association created the Neighborhood Watch Program in 1972. The purpose of the program is to involve members of a community in taking control of their neighborhoods to enhance their quality of life by reducing crime.

The New Castle City Police Department understands the need to involve citizens to combat crime,  In order for law enforcement to truly be successful, they  must have the cooperation and support of the public they serve. This capability allows citizens to directly contribute to ensuring safer communities by reporting suspicious incidents to the police.

There are currently two neighborhood crime watches in the City of New Castle

The Mahoningtown Crime Watch

Anthony Adamo-President

Fred Droeder–Vice President

The North Hill Crime Watch

Pat Schwoeble  –  724-654-7892