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Officers Honored For Heroic Actions

Two New Castle City Police Officers have been recognized for their heroic actions on two separate calls during the month of April.

On April 2, 2015 Officer Anthony Mangino was flagged down by a driver and advised that an apartment building on Routh 108 in North Beaver Township was on fire. Officer Mangino responded to the apartment and immediately viewed a mattress on fire in the apartment complex. Officer Mangino did extinguish the fire and pull the mattress from the building. Officer Mangino then went door to door to evacuate the building until the North Beaver Fire Department arrived. North Beaver Fire Chief Paul Henery stated “That was a pretty heroic thing for him to do, to run into the building, it could have been a lot worse”.   Officer Mangino is being given the Award for Merit for his actions.

On April 7, 2015 Officers were dispatched to a structure fire at 427 Boyles Avenue. Officer Justin Warren was first officer on scene and was informed that there were two young children still trapped inside of the residence. Officer Warren did go into the burning structure onto the second floor of the residence in an attempt to save the children. Officer Warren was overcome by smoke while on the second floor and did need pulled from the residence by other officers and transported to Jameson Hospital. Officer Warren’s attempts to save the two children did display extraordinary courage in an extremely hazardous situation, and for that reason Officer Warren is being awarded the Award of Valor.