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The New Castle City Police Department is proud to announce that Sgt. John Colella has been chosen as the Officer of the Quarter for the April-June 2015 time period. During this time period, Sgt. Colella has maintained an authoritative command presence over the Officers under his command. Sgt. Colella has also continued to direct and oversee the New Castle Police Department’s K-9 program and has continued to conduct and improve his role as an arson investigator. Sgt. Colella has also had perfect attendance during this quarter.


Sgt. Colella has shown a renewed commitment to the Department and his position as a Squad supervisor. Change is never easy, especially for the most senior Officers. The changes made to this Department over the last several years have been numerous and fairly extreme at times. Our Department has overhauled its mission, rank structure, and operating procedures. During this past quarter, Sgt. Colella has taken an aggressive approach towards bettering himself in his position as Squad Sergeant and a Department Administrator. Sgt. Colella has had a positive attitude and has been frequently communicating with administration about various Department operations, which he has offered many useful ideas/suggestions on ways to improve.


The improvements and changes to the New Castle Police Department could not, and cannot, be made without strong leadership. Sgt. Colella has greatly improved his leadership skills during this past quarter by his rejuvenated interest and involvement with the betterment of our Department. Sgt. Colella’s performance brings great credit upon himself, his family, and fellow officers.   In this way, the performance of his duties is in keeping with the highest traditions of the New Castle City Police. It is with great pleasure that we award Sgt. John Colella with the Officer of the Quarter Award.