New Castle City Police Department’s Street Crimes Unit

Posted on July 27, 2013 · Posted in Department News, In The Know

The New Castle City Police Department’s Street Crimes Unit is the City of New Castle’s Problem Oriented Policing Unit. The Street Crimes Unit is tasked to address issues and criminal activity that demands more law enforcement attention than a routine patrol response. The Street Crimes Unit is regularly tasked with aggressively addressing street level narcotics issues, prostitution violations, quality of life issues, and supplementing the everyday operations of the Uniformed Patrol Division. In addition to the previously listed task the Street Crimes Unit assists the Criminal Investigations Division and Narcotics Unit in their investigations. In this capacity the Street Crimes Unit researches, builds, and implements operations to address criminal activities such as burglaries, robberies, thefts, and any other criminal trends within the City of New Castle.

The Street Crimes Unit will also serve as the New Castle Police Departments fugitive apprehension unit, routinely arresting wanted subjects within the City of New Castle. The Street Crimes Unit also will be working with the Lawrence County Housing Authority addressing criminal activity and other problems in and around the public housing facilities in the City of New Castle.

The Street Crimes Unit officers will use a variety of traditional and non-traditional methods in an effort to reduce crime trend hot spots, deter future crimes, identify perpetrators and arrest suspects in the commission of a crime. Non-traditional methods include the use of ruses, decoy operations, covert surveillance, use of informants, and undercover operations. These methods increase the probability that suspects will be identified and arrested quickly thereby reducing their ability to commit future crimes. The patrol officer does not typically have the time, support or resources available to address certain crime problems. This is what makes the Street Crimes Unit such a valuable resource to the police department and citizens of New Castle.

Unit members are chosen for their commitment to professional, proactive, law enforcement and their embodiment of the New Castle Police Department’s Core Values.