Patrol Division.

The New Castle Police Department’s Patrol Division is often referred to as “the backbone of the Department”. The Patrol Division operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Patrol Division is currently comprised of 25 Officers and it is divided up into 4 “Turns” with a Sergeant in charge of each group. The Patrol Division’s coverage area is the City of New Castle and Taylor Township, which includes West Pittsburg. Patrol Officers are the first to respond to most calls for service. Many of these initial calls for service deal with animal complaints, parking complaints, traffic and vehicle violations, neighborhood disputes, vandalism, motor vehicle accidents, harassment/threats, assaults, domestic violence issues, firearm violations/use, burglaries, robberies, and homicides; but the variety of calls are unlimited.

There are also specialty units within the Patrol Division. These specialty units include the Traffic Officer, the K-9 Unit composed of two K-9s, and the Motor Unit composed of three Harley Davidson police outfitted motorcycles.

The Patrol Division strives to be proactive in their approach to fighting and deterring crime. Patrol Officers maintain a high visibility in high crime areas as well as places of large gatherings throughout the City. Patrol Officers perform many traffic stops, and though their experience and training, many of these stops lead to drug, gun, and warrant arrests.

The Patrol Division works closely with the District Attorney’s Office to produce the proper criminal charges and procedures for obtaining maximum crime convictions.

The Patrol Division is supervised by Lt. Kevin Seelbaugh. If there are any questions or concerns regarding the Patrol Division, Lt. Seelbaugh can be reached by phone at 724-510-0125 or email at