Impound Lot.

All vehicles impounded by the New Castle Police Department will be taken to the impound lot located at 303 East North Street, New Castle Pa. 16101 or our other New Castle Police Department Impound lot. If your vehicle was impounded you can call 724-656-3570 during business hours to inquire about your vehicle.

Any vehicles towed for other reasons such as accidents, broken down vehicles, private property tows or owner requested tows will be towed by the on duty wrecker service to their storage facility.

Impound Fees

Vehicles impounded by the New Castle Police Department will be released Monday through Friday from 8:00 Am to 4:00 Pm.

Impound fees will be separate from tow fees. All tow fees will be paid to the Tow service which towed the vehicle. This fee must be paid prior to the vehicle being released.

All impound fees will be paid at the New Castle Police Department. Cash, money orders, cashier’s check and personal checks will be accepted. A $20.00 fee will be charged for checks returned for NSF.

A $25.00 a day fee will be charged for each day a vehicle impounded in the New Castle Police Department impound lot. Any part of a day shall count as a whole day. (Additional charges may be incurred depending on the size of the vehicle towed). The impound lot is closed on all city holidays. No storage charges accrue for holidays, weekends or administrative closures.

Requirements for Pickup

To be driven out, the owner must provide:

  • A valid registration (must match current and valid license plates on the vehicle)
  • Valid Insurance
  • Valid Driver’s license
  • All tow/impound fees must be paid in full

To be towed out, the owner must provide:

  • Valid Registration
  • Valid Identification
  • PUC licensed tow truck

The owner may choose to designate an authorized agent to retrieve the property. Owner’s agent/designee must present ownership paperwork:

  • Power of attorney or notarized statement giving permission to remove the vehicle
  • Vehicles titled in a business name can be released with documentation that authorizes the individual claiming the vehicle.

Unclaimed Vehicles

  • Any vehicle left unclaimed more than 90 days will classified as abandoned. The New Castle Police Department can then begin proceedings to award ownership rights to the City of New Castle.