Criminal Investigation Division.

The New Castle City Police Department Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is comprised of four full-time detectives.  The CID is responsible for investigating: Homicide, Rape and Sexual Assault, Burglary, Theft, Identity Theft, Robbery, Computer Crimes, Child Pornography, Fraud, Megan’s Law Offenses, and any other type of case that the Patrol Division may request help with.  The CID assists Federal, State, and Local Agencies and works closely with District Attorney’s Office on major cases. The CID is also responsible for maintaining and operating the Lawrence County Central Booking Facility.

  • Lt. David Cumo            724-656-3576
  • Detective Buswell        724-656-3586
  • Detective Crum            724-656-3538
  • Detective Hallowich    724-656-3588
  • Detective Panella         724-656-3587